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Mani Subramanian Veeramani

Real Estate Advisor Help Home Buyers, Sellers & Investors Succeed At The 1st Time ✔ 13,250+Fans following https://www.linkedin.com/today/posts/AskRealtorMani

I will help you to buy "Below Market Value" property & avoid mistakes |

What I will do for you:


* Prevent you from costly mistakes (DO's&DON'Ts)
* Provide buyer/seller checklist
* Assess your eligibility to buy/sell
* Explain Purchase/Marketing Plan
* Solve problems - Our team of financial consultant, property tax & legal advisor, property valuer, and the mortgage specialist will assist you to be successful 


* Examine documents & Contracts
* Provide you CMA research report 
* Explain Govt Policies
* Provide you To-Do list
* Search Titles
* List your property
* Arrange to view
* Negotiate deals 


Review closing & Follow up

Issuance... all the stuff that happens behind the scenes in a real estate transaction.
Finally, I help closing preparations and I do follow up after closing.

I am happy to meet with you at your leisure to talk about what you need as a buyer or a seller.

Contact me now directly at ☎ 8300 4411, or, email at Help@AskREALTOR.sg

I look forward to working with you.
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Mani Subramanian Veeramani
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